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Project Description

A standalone implementation of the Scrabble board game for WPF.



  • games may be saved / loaded;
  • support for 1 – 4 players;
  • play timer;
  • list of plays for each player, including highlighted lookup of previous plays;
  • verification of plays against the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon, (i.e. a play can only be submitted if all words formed by it exist in the lexicon);
  • lexicon search facility;
  • tile usage statistics;
  • preview of play score when building a word;
  • arrange rack tiles using drag-drop.

Playing Instructions

  • To play a word, click on the square in which your first tile will be played. The input box will be displayed, after which you can type the letter of the tile you want to play. Drag-drop of tiles from the rack to the board is not supported. Also:
    • Press the Backspace key to return a tile to the rack.
    • Press the Enter key to play the word.
    • Press the Escape key to return all tiles to the rack and hide the input box.
  • To toggle the orientation of the input box, click the initial square again.
  • As you type, your play will be checked for validity. If the play is found to be invalid, the input box will turn red in colour.
  • To exchange tiles, select the tile(s) in the rack to be exchanged and click the Exchange button.
  • There is no undo of plays.

As per the Scrabble rules, the first word of the game must cover the centre square.


Thanks to Diederik Krols for his Rich HTML TextBlock for WPF.

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